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Trilogy System Quattro Maui Grey

Trilogy System Quattro Maui Grey
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Trilogy System Quattro Maui Grey
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Quattro transport systems: Sleep without rest Babies, especially in the first months of life, do not sleep only at night! They need a lot of sleep, even 16 to 18 hours a day! That's why we designed the QUATTRO transport system, a system that allows you to easily go from the stroller walk home and then to the car without interruptions and disturbances in the precious sleep of the baby.
We give your baby the space he deserves The stroller is not just a means of transportation.
In the stroller your child will spend many hours during the first and most sensitive months of his life.
That's why we designed the ideal environment, which is able to offer him the comfort and security he so desperately needs.
Discover We give your baby the space he deserves We enhance comfort and proper posture Once your baby is born he is sensitive and vulnerable, as he leaves the safety of your tummy and comes into first contact with the outside world: help him to feel comfortable, safe and protected and maintain the correct posture.
Discover Enhancing comfort and proper posture Travel safely During the ride or car trip, use the child car seat.
Why wake him up After the walk, thanks to the practical Standup stand, the baby carrier can be safely placed at home as it allows your baby to sleep in a familiar environment.
It can be the perfect accessory for your baby to sleep at home, right next to your own bed or even at grandparents' house! When he falls asleep, do not wake him after returning from the walk.
It does good to you and to you.

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