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Children's Tent - Tunnel 3 In 1 Children's Tent - Tunnel 3 In 1
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Brand: Moni
Great for indoor and outdoor use, the Kiddey 3 Piece Play Tent can be used as a huge play set or as individual pieces.You can even add small plastic balls for even more fun.Each individual piece can be set up and stored quickly and easily thanks to the simple "pop up" design and ground stakes.The t-..
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Children's Theatre Nordic
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Brand: Baby Star
A wonderful Indian tent for playing indoors and outdoors.A soft mat is included with the tent.The Indian scene is ideal for young explorers to have their own space where they can play and relax.The height of the tent is 160cm open and 180cm closed, while the mattress is 115x115cm.Suitable for ages 3..
Ex Tax:96.77€
Play Tent Lorelli Play Tent Lorelli
-12 %
Brand: Lorelli
Age: 3+.Made of waterproof material.With net window.The children's tent includes the mattress - mat to play comfortably your child when sitting on his tent as well as decorative flags.Easy to set up and pick up.Can be installed indoors and outdoors...
53.00€ 59.90€
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Brand: Moni
Group family 3 in 1 tent - can house up to 3 persons;Can be used as: tent with an awning for added weather protection, especially during rain; as tent only; awning for sun rays protection.Characteristics:Reinforced 8.5 mm fiber glass poles;Rainfly: 210D Polyester/PU coating;Anti UV coating against h..
Ex Tax:72.50€
Baby - Children's Tent Baby - Children's Tent
-11 %
Brand: abo
The ABO children's tent will give endless hours of play to your little ones. The tent includes the mattress (110 * 110cm) at the bottom which is connected and tied to the tent poles with small straps and velcro adhesive tape. The frame of the tent consists of 4 wooden bars of height 1. 93cm, whil..
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Zoo 2in1 Tent 50 Ocean Balls Zoo 2in1 Tent 50 Ocean Balls
-12 % Out of stock
Brand: Moni
Characteristics:Age: 3+ years old.Made of safe, non-toxic materials.It is easy to set up and collect.Easy to carry when traveling...
37.90€ 42.90€
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Yurt Tent 25 Ocean Balls Yurt Tent 25 Ocean Balls
-10 %
Brand: Moni
Door to the entrance.Made of colors and materials completely safe for your child's health.Convenient for storage.Extremely easy to fold and unfold.The set includes 25 colored balls.Weight: 1.58kg.Dimensions: 95x95x135cm...
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Paradiso Toys Princess Tent Paradiso Toys Princess Tent
-9 % Out of stock
Brand: Paradiso Toys
Suitable for children from one year and up.The entrance can be closed.Ideal for play and fun.It is comfortably carried in her carrying bag.Easy closing.Dimensions: 95x95x125cm...
28.90€ 31.90€
Ex Tax:23.31€
Brand: Paradiso Toys
Suitable for use from 1+ years.The entrance can be closed.Ideal for play and fun.It is comfortably carried in her carrying bag.Easy closing.Weight: 0.790 kg.Dimensions: 100x100x135 cm...
28.90€ 31.90€
Ex Tax:23.31€
Playmat Baby Tipi Playmat Baby Tipi
Bestseller -10 %
Brand: Moni
For use by children over 6 months.The tent is a children's toy mat, which can be used to play on the abdomen, back or sitting position.The set includes many hanging toys and a pillow.The playmat can be used with or without the game bars.Dimensions: 90 X 90 X 112cm...
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