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Pilsan Metal Frame Swing Red 07968 Pilsan Metal Frame Swing Red 07968
-10 %
Brand: pilsan
Great cot with the possibility of use indoors and outdoors thanks to the non-slip supports.It has a belt and protection bar for younger children.Special design to be shaped according to the age of the child.Lightweight and ergonomic design.Easy installation.Maximum weight 100 kg...
80.00€ 88.90€
Ex Tax:64.52€
Pilsan  Samba Swing Orange
-12 %
Brand: Cangaroo
Hanging crib, suitable for outdoor use! It has a seat belt and protection bar.Suitable for children over one year.Its use should be done under strict parental supervision! Maximum rider weight: 35 kg.Dimensions: 37x44x35 cm...
29.90€ 33.90€
Ex Tax:24.11€
Baby Crib Doremi swing red Baby Crib Doremi swing red
-11 %
Brand: pilsan
Suitable from 1+ years old Maximum weight: 35 kg The protective bar is removed The backrest is removed It has a rattle Dimensions: 58x47x33 cm Cradle weight: 3 kg..
31.00€ 34.91€
Ex Tax:25.00€
-10 %
Brand: Cangaroo
Swimming pool for games in the sand or with water consisting of 2 shells. One shell can be used as a sandbox, the other as a swimming pool and as a cover after use. 1 set = 2 pieces. Age + 18 months. Dimensions: 87 × 77.7 × 18 cm..
35.90€ 39.90€
Ex Tax:28.95€
-10 %
Brand: Cangaroo
Slide which takes a rubber and becomes a water slide Age from 2 years and over Maximum weight 50 kg..
80.90€ 89.90€
Ex Tax:65.24€
Baby Crib DUCK Green 020-174 Baby Stars Baby Crib DUCK Green 020-174 Baby Stars
-10 %
Brand: Bebe Stars
Bebe Stars's new Duck crib combines modern design with the functionality you need in your daily life. - Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old - Maximum weight 22 kg - Ergonomic construction - Modern color combination - It has a comfortable seat with a 3-point seat belt - With an electronic gam..
63.00€ 69.90€
Ex Tax:50.81€
Cradle hanging 2in1
-18 %
Brand: Mochtoys
Cradle hanging Safety bar between the child's legs From 1 year up to 20 kg weight It has a small table with a glass case Dimensions: 33.5x28x43 cm...
18.00€ 22.00€
Ex Tax:14.52€
Plastic Garden House
-11 %
Brand: Mochtoys
Plastic house with door and windows for ages 3 and up Dimensions open • 122x120x120.5 cm Package dimensions • 123x115x16 cm Weight 15kg..
125.00€ 139.90€
Ex Tax:100.81€
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