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Play Tent Lorelli Play Tent Lorelli
New -12 %
Brand: Lorelli
Age: 3+.Made of waterproof material.With net window.The children's tent includes the mattress - mat to play comfortably your child when sitting on his tent as well as decorative flags.Easy to set up and pick up.Can be installed indoors and outdoors...
53.00€ 59.90€
Ex Tax:42.74€
Brand: Moni
Group family 3 in 1 tent - can house up to 3 persons;Can be used as: tent with an awning for added weather protection, especially during rain; as tent only; awning for sun rays protection.Characteristics:Reinforced 8.5 mm fiber glass poles;Rainfly: 210D Polyester/PU coating;Anti UV coating against h..
Ex Tax:72.50€
Baby - Children's Tent Baby - Children's Tent
-11 %
Brand: abo
The ABO children's tent will give endless hours of play to your little ones. The tent includes the mattress (110 * 110cm) at the bottom which is connected and tied to the tent poles with small straps and velcro adhesive tape. The frame of the tent consists of 4 wooden bars of height 1. 93cm, whil..
80.00€ 89.90€
Ex Tax:64.52€
Zoo 2in1 Tent 50 Ocean Balls Zoo 2in1 Tent 50 Ocean Balls
-12 %
Brand: Moni
Characteristics:Age: 3+ years old.Made of safe, non-toxic materials.It is easy to set up and collect.Easy to carry when traveling...
37.90€ 42.90€
Ex Tax:30.56€
Yurt Tent 25 Ocean Balls Yurt Tent 25 Ocean Balls
-10 %
Brand: Moni
Door to the entrance.Made of colors and materials completely safe for your child's health.Convenient for storage.Extremely easy to fold and unfold.The set includes 25 colored balls.Weight: 1.58kg.Dimensions: 95x95x135cm...
27.90€ 30.90€
Ex Tax:22.50€
Brand: Paradiso Toys
Suitable for children from one year and up.The entrance can be closed.Ideal for play and fun.It is comfortably carried in her carrying bag.Easy closing.Dimensions: 95x95x125cm...
28.90€ 31.90€
Ex Tax:23.31€
Brand: Paradiso Toys
Suitable for use from 1+ years.The entrance can be closed.Ideal for play and fun.It is comfortably carried in her carrying bag.Easy closing.Weight: 0.790 kg.Dimensions: 100x100x135 cm...
28.90€ 31.90€
Ex Tax:23.31€
Playmat Baby Tipi Playmat Baby Tipi
-10 %
Brand: Moni
For use by children over 6 months.The tent is a children's toy mat, which can be used to play on the abdomen, back or sitting position.The set includes many hanging toys and a pillow.The playmat can be used with or without the game bars.Dimensions: 90 X 90 X 112cm...
46.90€ 51.90€
Ex Tax:37.82€
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