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Steam Sterilizer Steril Natural 3in1 Chicco

Steam Sterilizer Steril Natural 3in1 Chicco
Sterilization is a process necessary for the baby's health. Common cleaning methods are not enough to ensure the complete elimination of dangerous bacteria from the surface of objects.
Chicco Steril Natural 3in1 Steam Sterilizer allows the sterilization of all personal items of the child (baby bottles, nipples, pacifiers, toys, cutlery, etc.), quickly and naturally.
It allows you to adjust the dimensions of Full Size, Compact and Microwave Compact, to adjust the dimensions of the sterilizer based on the items you need to sterilize, taking up less space in the kitchen.
It is compatible with most baby bottles, breast pumps and accessories on the market.
The device has a warranty from Chicco 2 years.
Basic features
• Sterilizes effectively with natural steam, without any chemicals.
• Eliminates 99% of harmful household germs.
• Provides 24 hour protection: items remain sterile if the lid is closed.
• Easy to use: sterilizes in just 5 '' (excluding heating time) and automatically shuts off at the end of the sterilization cycle.
• Sterilizes up to 6 baby bottles (330 ml).
• ECO button for 25% less power consumption.
• Code: 587360040810
• Weight 2.0kg

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