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Silicone Nipple First Choice Plus 0-6M

NUK FIRST CHOICE + Silicone nipple, 1 piece / package.
The bottle nipple with the most natural shape - ideal for your baby.
NUK First Choice has for years been the first choice of consumers in baby bottles designed based on breastfeeding.
With the NUK First Choice + nipple we were able to get even closer to the natural way of feeding, with the aim of healthy baby jaw development and simulating as much as possible the feeling of breastfeeding from the breast.
Natural shape, adapted to the jaw.
The special shape of the NUK nipple is based on the shape that the mother nipple takes when the baby is breastfeeding.
Provides the necessary space on your baby's tongue and jaw, to make natural breastfeeding movements with ease.
Soft as the breast.
With its new soft area (Softzone), the nipple adapts to the palate even better - for a natural breastfeeding feeling.
Prevents colic.
The improved Anti-Colic Air System allows the natural flow of food, so that your baby can drink comfortably and relaxed, without swallowing air.
Clinically proven.
Its very natural shape makes the NUK nipple especially beloved by breastfed babies.
That's why it's ideal for infants who combine bottle feeding with breastfeeding.

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Up to 1 kg 3,00€

From 1 to 5 kg 4€

From 5 to 10 kg 8€

From 10 kg to 15 kg 10€

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