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Car Seat Moni Denim 0-13 kg Car Seat Moni Denim 0-13 kg
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Brand: Moni
With 3-point seat belt system and soft cushions.The belt can be adjusted to different positions.With additional soft cushion on the headrest.It can be removed when the child is old enough.With adjustable handle, includes foot bag.Weight: 3.9 kg.Dimensions: 73x42x33 cm.In accordance with the European..
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Ex Tax:55.75€
Brand: Moni
Suitable from birth up to 13 kg.5-point seat belt that can be adjusted with one hand.5-point seat belt with adjustable height.Increased lateral security system.Removable head restraint pad that promises natural sleeping posture.Adjustable carrying handle in multiple positions.Removable cover for eas..
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Car Seat Midas Grey Car Seat Midas Grey
-12 %
Brand: Cangaroo
Car seat (Group 0+, 0-13 kg).2 sleeping pillows.Foot bag...
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Car Seat Light Grey Car Seat Light Grey
-10 %
Brand: Moni
For children from birth to 15 months, with a maximum weight of 13 kg.To be installed in the rear seat, facing backwards only.With 3-point seat belt and soft shoulder pads.The strap can be adjusted in different positions.Extra soft cushion for the headrest.It can be removed when the child is old enou..
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Ex Tax:55.75€
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