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Proud Mama Babybell Silver Baby Pendant

The Dutch ProudMaMa is a new company that specializes in the jewelry of the future mom and not only.
The tiny metallophone of Proud Mama Basic Pink Gold hands produces soft and subtle zen sounds.
This way both the baby and the mom relax.
They are based on the Mexican tradition that the women there wore them to "turn" the baby.
This tradition continues and is now recommended by midwives as another creative trick for cases of hip projection.
From the 20th week the baby can hear and follow the sound inside its mom's belly.
Pregnancy pendants have a metallic tone and produce a subtle, relaxing and almost magical sound.
The sound is very reminiscent of the sound produced by zen balls, it is melodic and warm.
But apart from the "practical" side, it is a unique gift that will forever remind the woman of her pregnancy and is a very beautiful piece of jewelry for all hours that will definitely make her feel beautiful.
Even during pregnancy the sound will calm down, as it will be familiar to the baby.
The package contains the cord and the expectant mother will be able to adjust it so that the baby can hear it.
The cord is cotton and will not bother the neck.The metal elements are silver plated and without a trace of nickel so you do not have any anxiety about allergies.
At the end, apart from the bell, it has a small distinctive charm written by proud mama.

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