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Mini Relax Nursing Pillow 2 in 1 Grey Stars

Mini Relax Nursing Pillow 2 in 1 Grey Stars
Mini Relax Nursing Pillow 2 in 1 Grey Stars
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The Just Baby company created the Mini Relax 2 in 1, a nursing & relaxing pillow.
The Ν1 nursing pillow that can be converted into a reclining position for the baby, which is comfortable and safe.
Comfortable during pregnancy.
Your abdomen is supported while you lie down.
It has a unique shape that hugs mom's body and adapts to every body type.
Practical during breastfeeding.
Baby is at the ideal height and any pressure on your back is released.
It helps mom and baby, ensuring that the baby stays in the right position throughout breastfeeding, breastfeeding properly and pleasantly.
Relax for the baby.
The maternity pillow also makes a comfortable, safe nest for your baby.
Provides absolute comfort from birth to 6 months (3kgr - 9kgr).
The inner lining of the pillow is made of a special material that does not lose its shape and volume with use, ensuring soft, stable and safe support for the baby.
Features: Size: 190cm.
100% cotton.
Made of soft lining.

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