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Digital Bathroom Thermometer Light Gray

The LUMA digital bath thermometer turns on automatically when it comes in contact with water and floats, so you can see the screen correctly.
Blue means very cold, red means very hot and green is the right temperature.
In addition to the color indicator, you can read the exact water temperature.
There is also a battery indicator on the screen.
The thermometer switches off automatically after use.
You can easily clean the thermometer, remove the lid, wipe it and keep it clean.
It's so simple, if the screen is green then you can bathe your baby!

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Up to 1 kg 3,00€

From 1 to 5 kg 4€

From 5 to 10 kg 8€

From 10 kg to 15 kg 10€

From 15 kg and over 15€


Bank deposit
NATIONAL IBAN: GR0501102910000029140233585
ALPHA BANK IBAN: GR3301405330533002002008157
Cash on delivery
Surcharge € 2
Βy debit or credit card through the National Bank