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Colic Baby Bottle 130ml + Nipple

Colic Baby Bottle 130ml + Nipple
Colic Baby Bottle 130ml + Nipple
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Mam Anti-Colic baby bottle against colic.
With Silicone nipple, from 0+ months.
Silicone nipple-silicone, Small flow, Self-sterilization function in microwave oven.
The sealed valve of the opening base ensures a constant flow of milk and prevents the formation of colic.
The silicone nipple - low flow silk facilitates the alternation between breast and bottle without affecting the continuation of breastfeeding.
It is made of high quality polypropylene (PP).
Age: 0+ Months.
Mam Silicone Pacifier start from 0 - 2 months.
Very small and light.
Ideal for newborns.
Silicone nipple-silk.

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