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Cleaning Liquid For Bottle From Nuk 500ml

Cleaning Liquid For Bottle From Nuk 500ml
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Cleaning Liquid For Bottle From Nuk 500ml
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Cleaning Liquid For Bottle From Nuk 500ml


Cleansing fluid is a liquid that has been developed specifically for cleaning baby products and reliably removes milk, cream and juice residues, thanks to the enzymes contained in its natural ingredients. It is so gentle that it can be used safely on all baby products, such as baby bottles and nipples, cups, cutlery, toys, and anything else that comes in contact with the baby's mouth. With nature-based ingredients, without fragrance and pigments. NUK cleanser is so gentle because it contains only the ingredients necessary for the removal of baby food, such as enzymes that are particularly effective against milk proteins. Thanks to its thin texture, NUK cleaning fluid dissolves easily and the stuck egg whites are broken down by enzymes and rinsed from the utensils easily and quickly.

With neutral pH (dermatologically tested). With active ingredients based on renewable raw materials, directly biodegradable.

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