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The ergonomic, symmetrical, flat and elongated shape of Chicco's Physio silicone nipple facilitates the baby's acceptance, favoring the rhythmic movement of the tongue during feeding.
4 available streams.
The Physio Chicco silicone nipple fits perfectly in the baby's mouth and respects the natural movement of breastfeeding.
Made of extremely soft silicone, the Chicco Physio nipple perfectly simulates the mother's breast, giving the baby a comfortable feeling that facilitates acceptance.
Thanks to its ergonomic shape, Chicco's Physio Silicone nipple favors the rhythmic movement of the tongue during sucking.
Available in 4 different flow variants, the Physio nipple fits perfectly in all bottles in the PERFECT 5, Well-Being and Original Touch series.
Acceptable from 9 out of 10 children.
Acceptance rate at the ages of 0-2 months: 98%

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