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Carry & Go Dark Grey

Carry & Go Dark Grey
Carry & Go Dark Grey
Carry & Go Dark Grey
Carry & Go Dark Grey
Carry & Go Dark Grey
Carry & Go Dark Grey
Carry & Go Dark Grey
Carry & Go Dark Grey
Carry & Go Dark Grey
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Introducing Bebe Stars' versatile and practical Carry & Go bag, ideal for parents on the go.
This carrier offers four different ways of use, allowing you to find the perfect position for both you and your baby.
Whether you prefer it to face forwards, backwards, carry it on your hips while sitting, or back on your back, this carrier has you covered.
With its adjustable straps and ergonomic design, the Carry & Go can be adjusted to comfortably fit any body type.
Padded shoulder straps and waist belt distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure on your back and shoulders.
The front pocket is a convenient place to store small items such as keys, phone or pacifier.
A unique feature of the Carry & Go is its ability to convert into a lumbar seat.
Simply detach the shoulder straps and waist belt and the carrier transforms into a comfortable seat for your baby to sit on.
This makes it easy to carry your little one around the house or on short trips.
Made from high-quality breathable materials, the Carry & Go bag is both comfortable and durable.
It is ideal for everyday use, whether you are running errands or going for a walk in the park.
With its versatile design and convenient features, this baby carrier is sure to become a favorite accessory for parents everywhere.
Using the Carry & Go carrier designed to carry around the waist can help protect your spine by distributing baby's weight evenly and promoting a more natural posture, reducing the pressure on your spine that can come from from carrying a baby for extended periods.
It offers the right support to the baby's legs and strengthens the proper development of the thigh-ligaments, which is very important in the first months of the babies' life (hip-healthy from the International Institute for Hip Dysplasia), up to 20kg.

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