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Bibs Color Pacifier 2 Pieces Mustard/Mocha 0-6M

Bibs Color Pacifier 2 Pieces Mustard/Mocha 0-6M
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Bibs Color Pacifier 2 Pieces Mustard/Mocha 0-6M
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Bibs' most stylish and must-have pacifiers with a Scandinavian design are designed to give your little one peace of mind and security.

They are elegant and made of high quality materials.

Made in Denmark with Scandinavian simplicity and style.

The nipple is made of natural rubber.

Material: 100% Natural Rubber.

Pacifier Cleaning Instructions:

Place the pacifiers in a clean bowl of boiling water.

Leave for about 5 minutes.

Let them dry on a clean towel.

Use the towel to squeeze and remove excess water from the nipple.

We recommend replacing pacifiers every 4-6 weeks, both for hygiene reasons and because the latex nipple has a natural aging process and can change shape and size during use.

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