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Babyuno Green heater

Fast and safe heating of baby bottles as well as baby food. Owner and   Sterilization function of small accessories - such as baby silicone nipples or pacifiers.


The set includes a small bowl for heating baby food and a lid. With the help of the large mechanical screw the various functions can be easily adjusted.


Large capacity of the heater body (diameter 80 mm) - can heat different sizes and brands of baby bottles.


Rated power: 150W

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Up to 1 kg 3,00€

From 1 to 5 kg 4€

From 5 to 10 kg 8€

From 10 kg to 15 kg 10€

From 15 kg and over 15€


Bank deposit
NATIONAL IBAN: GR0501102910000029140233585
ALPHA BANK IBAN: GR3301405330533002002008157
Cash on delivery
Surcharge € 2
Βy debit or credit card through the National Bank